Cathy Breslaw's Installation

Cathy Breslaw's Installation
Cathy Breslaw's Installation:Dreamscape

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Steven Turner Gallery, Los Angeles - Rafael Rozendaal and Justin Hansch

Rafael Rozendaal’s “Everything Always Everywhere” and Justin B. Hansch’s “Girls and Grils’ at Steve Turner Gallery are concurrent solo exhibitions that comment on the world in which we live – Rozendaals’ is a perceptual experience of site specific installations while Hansch comments on American culture with an installation of oil and enamel paintings. Rozendaal’s works cover the two first floor rooms. ‘Popular Screen Sizes” is 14 mirrors arranged from cell phone size up to TV monitor size creating both an abstracted and representational view of the gallery space.
The next room, “Falling Falling”, is a continuous animation of colorful, abstracted shapes falling onto themselves across the gallery walls. There are cracked mirrors filling most of the floor. The colors of the animation reflect onto the mirrors creating a spacial experience further enhanced by a soundtrack that mimics a tone of ‘falling’.

Hansch’s installation resembles a “Man Cave”. Its’ upstairs in a low lit room set apart from the main gallery with a series of  40” x 30” paintings , intermixed with round 20” paintings. The vertical rectangular works are painterly images of young women either naked or bikini-clad, some posed, some action oriented at a pool or beach while the round paintings depict the black iron round portion of charcoal grills with burgers and dogs arranged in various ways.  In the center of the room, is a four foot high stack of round grill paintings.  There is a purposeful sameness of dark warm reds, blues, greens, black color palette crossing the entire installation, as well as a deliberate sexualized and subtle bodily-distorted depiction of the girls.  The dogs and burgers further enhance the sexualized notion of “what men like” yet the humorous feel to Hansch’s installation is disarmingly charming.  
Both exhibitions are on view through October 6th.

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