Cathy Breslaw's Installation

Cathy Breslaw's Installation
Cathy Breslaw's Installation:Dreamscape

Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Working in Isolation: One Artist in Mumbai India Explores Digital Media with Sketches and Paintings

Most artists work in relative isolation.  Our collective art practices and the creative process demands it.  It goes against the human urge to congregate and socialize.  Still, we persevere as the 'call to create' nudges us.  We then deliberately make space - intellectually, emotionally and physically. We move forward quietly, with the intention and faith in the process.

Never have we been more aware of isolation than time spent in this Corona Virus pandemic environment. It is not our choice, but as artists we are familiar and in some ways ahead of the game over our fellow citizens by our familiarity and relative comfort with the loneliness of self -containment.  

Artist Yashwant Dershmukh living in Mumbai India, shares his experience with making art during this distressing and complicated  time. 

Dershmukh comments:
I believe the process of painting is constantly going on in an artist's mind. And somewhere at the back of the mind you always know that these situations are not going to last forever. 

Before the Pandemic:

        During the Pandemic:

         Yashwant Deshmukh       Watching With the Eye Closed     8.25" × 11.75"   digital work        2020    

1) How has your work shifted during the pandemic? Has it been a change in the process of your creating art? The mediums you use? The themes or concepts you are thinking about?
The pandemic hasn’t affected my work on the concept level as such. The only problem is having limited material to work with. This is fine since my process includes trying out concepts on a smaller scale first then painting on the canvas. So in a way I have been working consistently in my sketchbooks. However since canvas painting isn't possible now, I have been exploring digital media with my old sketches and paintings.

2) What have you discovered about yourself as an artist during this pandemic?
 During this lockdown I have realized  that as an artist I prefer isolation, silence. In silence new ideas arise, thinking happens. But this silence is different, it is disturbing. In this situation I often get distracted while painting. It feels like someone is keeping an eye on me.

3) What have been your biggest challenges working in isolation? Surprises?
I have always worked in isolation. I have turned one room in my house into my work area. When I am there it just feels like the studio. Though unlike in the studio where I'm completely isolated from everyone, my family members are always around. They peep in to see the process, share their thoughts, we discuss things, so they in a way have been part of my process which is a nice surprise.

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