Cathy Breslaw's Installation

Cathy Breslaw's Installation
Cathy Breslaw's Installation:Dreamscape

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Is Every Mobile Photographer an Artist?

This question came to mind this past Thursday when I attended a gallery event at Hamilton Galleries
Hamilton Galleries Santa Monica, California 
Skateboard Legend Tony Hawk
signs his mobile image on canvas
in Santa Monica. Hundreds of attendees shared comments about the winning mobile images on canvas.  Instacanvas, an internet based company, hosted this one-night exhibition of some of the best mobile photographers from around the world. Aside from the online selling of images on canvas and other products, the focus of this company is on the mobile photographer – allowing folks to upload their  instagram images, giving them an online gallery to showcase their work and an opportunity to not only sell their images but to get feedback through peer group voting on images. Instacanvas creates online challenges which further provides exposure for the photographers.  Among the 70 plus images on view at the event, were mobile images on canvas by famed skateboarder Tony Hawk and well known rapper, Evidence. There is something about the immediacy of the moment that inspires us to use the ever increasing quality of the mobile phone to capture our vision in a photographic image. Also, the ability to use app editing software like Snapseed increases anyone’s chance to play with their images in a creative way. Whether or not the resulting images are ‘fine art photography’ is up to the viewer, however it is satisfying to know that the mobile phone can document important and inspiring moments in peoples’ lives and with companies like Instacanvas, can share these images with the online world and ultimately to the ‘real world’ through printing them on canvas and other products.  It is also refreshing to see that the ‘artist/photographers are making money on their images(there are no fees charged to the photographers to keep images on the site) – making it a win-win partnership for Instacanvas and the artist.
Hamilton Galleries mobile images
on canvas.

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