Cathy Breslaw's Installation

Cathy Breslaw's Installation
Cathy Breslaw's Installation:Dreamscape

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Projections Part II: Film as Painting, curated by Aaron Rose - Roberts & Tilton Gallery, Culver City, CA

Projections Part II: Film As Painting is the second film festival curated by filmmaker Aaron Rose for
Len Lye   'A Colour Box'   1935  35mm Dufaycolour(color,sound)
Roberts & Tilton. The films  which span 100 years of cinematic history and feature the works of both artists and filmmakers, were selected to lead viewers to experience films as moving paintings.  Thirteen videos are simultaneously operating within one large room of the gallery, creating a cacophony of visual, sound and physical experiences for the viewer.  Absorbing the gestalt of the moment is challenging without following the numbered map of individual films to guide the viewer to each artist/filmmaker’s piece. Rose’s goal of asking viewers to analyze the relationship between film and painting by placing them within the context of a technical installation in the gallery space is intriguing – however it may be at the expense of the value of each 
of the films as stand-alone artworks. Standout film pieces include Mike Mills’ ‘1979’, a collection of hundreds of fast paced non-stop images of cultural and historical significance of the 1970’s, Len Lye’s ‘A Colour Box’, created in 1935 combines Cuban dance music with abstract painted designs, Jan Svankmajer’s ‘Dimensions of Dialogue’, (1982), features two clay human heads that gauge each other by their eyes, trying to figure out how to communicate without fighting by passing back and forth objects in their mouths, Harry Smith’s ‘Early Abstractions 1941-1957’ a mixed media film shown on an analog TV of moving painting imagery and Jeremy Blake’s ‘Angel Dust’, 2000 which features an animated digital series of grid-like forms in varying color combinations set against a black background filled with specs of white. Each film offers its own evocative narrative within the historical time frame it was created and by placing these films within the context of one large installation is both stimulating and thought provoking. The show runs through December 14th.

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